Monday, August 15, 2011

Summer Getaway - Grand Haven, Michigan

Since beginning homeschooling 4 years ago we have begun taking our family vacations during the fall. It seems to work really well for a couple of reasons. First, once kids in public school return to school, places are significantly less crowded. Secondly, both daddy and I do not enjoy HOT weather, so if we wait till the end of September or October we get less crowds and cooler temps. However, when everyone around us is headed out of town and then returning with stories of their adventures, the girls and I feel a bit left out.

Some friends of ours camp here in Michigan at Grand Haven State Park every year and have been inviting us for the last couple of years. The problem is that we don't have a camper and mom really does not want to begin experiencing tent camping. So, we have passed each year. This year we decided to give it a try. Daddy had to work so the girls and I headed out for the 2 1/2 hour drive to get away. What a blessing it was! We had planned to stay for just 3 days but added a 4th because we enjoyed ourselves so much. There were 4 families there - 7 adults, 14 kids, sand, sun and fun.

Next year I'm hoping we get the invite to return and daddy can come too!

We enjoyed time at the beach, a walk into town for some yummy ice cream, a trip to the farmers market, good meals and great time with friends. If you ever get the chance to make it to Lake Michigan in the summer, you have to do it. Grand Haven was much fun, we also love Ludington. Both are wonderful places places to visit along Lake Michigan.

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Kelly said...

I'm with you on not enjoying the heat. So, did you tent camp? I don't enjoy that a lot either especially with sand.