Monday, August 22, 2011

School Room, Ready...

I had to take a few pictures of our school room. If for no other reason than to prove to myself that yes indeed, it has the potential to be clean - at least once!

A bit of background on this room. First of all it is in our basement, and it is the only place that is finished in our basement. I have been a Stampin' Up! demonstrator for the last 8 years and needed a room to hold classes in. My husband finished this space for me and it worked wonderfully. Our first year of homeschooling had us doing school in our dining room with merely one bookshelf (the one you can see in this picture with the globe on it). This is a view of the room when you enter and look directly to your right.

The tall bookshelves my husband and dad built last year for us. They are WONDERFUL! They house all of our current curriculum, literature guides, kids books related to science and history, math manipulatives, games and some various other curriculum - not all of which is being used this year.

What I hated about doing school in the dining room was that we NEVER were able to shut down. It seemed like "school" was always looking at me. Yes, I know - we should live our lives to learn and learn in all activities - however, the fact is I did not want school staring at me all the time. In addition I realized that homeschooling brought just a bit more of myself that had to die. What I mean is that my love of stamping had to go on the back burner. There just was no time for that any longer. So, I gave up a large portion of my stamping room for the school room. This year I have given up nearly all of it.

This photo shows all that is left of my "previous life", when you walk into the school room and turn directly to your left. Behind this curtain is 3 floor to ceiling bookshelves full of my stamping stuff. If I am to be completely honest, all the shelves are not mine anymore. I have given up 1 shelf to the kids for their art books too. The black shelving unit is the final space that holds my stamping stuff.

This is the view of the room directly across from the door that enters into our school room. See the shorter bookshelves? My dad made those back when I was a kid. They housed a 1960 something encyclopedia set we owned when I was growing up. They can be stacked on top of each other or side by side like they are. I keep kids story books on there and chapter books. I want them short so all the girls can reach them.

Do you notice the art on the wall? These pieces belong to all the girls. They are from various classes at our co-op. I LOVE them. The reality is that I don't make time for "art" so my kids don't do art with me. I'm so very thankful for our co-op!

Finally, here is our dry erase board and timeline.

If I could change anything about our schoolroom it would be windows. There is not a window anywhere. I would also give it a fresh coat of paint. The color is supposed to be a Certainly Celery green (a Stampin' Up! color), I think I'd do all white and just dress it up with the curtains and the stuff on the walls. I am blessed to have a place we can "do school" and am thankful for how God provides!

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