Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Fun "Field Trip" Already and New Experiences

We have already taken a "break"...just for one day. Last year a member of our co-op was able to get the entire co-op signed up for a program through her county that had the kids keep track of how many pages they were reading over the spring. If the kids read a certain amount, they were presented with a waterpark pass to a park in that county. We have done MANY "summer reading programs" over the years but this program takes the cake! What a WONDERFUL way to celebrate their work and celebrate the end of summer.

The park was just about an hour from us, but we enjoyed the ride since we went with some friends of ours. The park had a giant wave pool, 3 waterslides, a lazy river, and a large splash pad. It was a perfect day to go. It was not very busy at all and the weather was just right. We had had some cool days so we were not sure if it would be warm enough, but it warmed up to 85.

The little girls loved the wave pool . I think Sweet Baby was "blowing the waves back" here.

Here Peanut was just relaxing.

I love this picture, they are both having such a great time together.

After spending the day in the sun we went home for dinner and then were back in the car. The girls were all invited to spend the night with the friends we had spent the day with. In the live of a child, this was a great day!

Then on Saturday night we used some MORE passes the girls had earned for some more summertime fun! We took part in our library's summer reading program and Peanut's name was drawn and she won some passes to play putt-putt. The girls had never been putt-putting before. As a kid/teenager, I played alot of putt-putt. It was a family tradition that we would find a place to play at least one on every vacation we went to. The girls all enjoyed themselves and Sissy said she wants to play at least once a summer.

No matter how many times we told Sweet Baby how to correctly hold the club, she just couldn't get it right!

Finally, here is Peanut looking as cute as ever. It was a beautiful night - minus the Michigan mosquitos that came out in droves - and a great weekend enjoying the end of summer.

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