Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Badge Work - A Family Affair

One of the convenient things about being a homeschooling family in American Heritage Girls is that we seem to do badge work all the time, without even knowing it, for school. The little girls wanted to learn about plants for science this year so I grabbed their handbook and wouldn't you know it - there is a plant science badge.

Daddy is an avid gardener and is always trying to get the rest of us interested in gardening. We have a pretty large garden for the size of our yard. The girls have planted their own mini garden once before but as part of their badge requirement, they needed to plant a garden again.

Daddy let them choose what to plant, helped them work up the soil and make markers so they would know what seeds had been planted and where.

After making their markers the girls and dad headed down to the garden to get started. First Peanut planted hers. She is the one who gets very excited about what is growing in her garden, she will weed, once in awhile, and is really excited to do projects like this.

Here is a picture of Peanut and her Prince. Notice the hat?? World's Greatest Dad - Sissy's Father's Day gift.

Then it was Sweet Baby's turn to plant her garden. I love these pictures...all of them in a row. Mind you that "Cinderella" by Steven Curtis Chapman is playing in my house right now....

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