Tuesday, August 23, 2011

First Day Behind Us

Our first day of the 2011-2012 year is behind us. It was a great day overall. We started on time - which for me is 8:30. We were able to do history, English, math drill for Peanut and math for Sweet Baby. We ordered Teaching Textbooks Pre-Algebra from the company and are waiting for it to arrive. Here is Peanut with a big ole smile!

Here are both Peanut and Sissy working on their work. I love how Daisy has chosen a spot right under their table. Notice the bathrobe on Peanut? Yep, like I said, we do school in the basement. So, if it is 98 degrees outside, it feels like you want to put the heater on. A great thing in the summer.

I have to share this photo of Sweet Baby. Last year was not an easy year doing school with Sweet Baby. There were MANY days that I considered taking the easy route and sending her to school. She is not a very motivated child which means that any school work that takes any amount of time is met with whining, rolling of the eyes, and complete attitude. If the subject is hard for her, it is magnified. So..she loves reading and doesn't really mind spelling so that would go well. Every other subject was a nightmare, math especially. This year we are trying Saxon math. I realized that not only is she unmotivated, but Abeka just moved to quickly for her, so asking my unmotivated child to work to learn new material to frequently was not working for us.

I had been dreading school starting, mainly because I was not looking forward to a day full of Sweet Baby's attitude. But look!!! This is my precious gift DURING MATH!

Do you see that? A SMILE?? (She was demonstrating to me that she remembers her left from her right by placing her left hand on her ear). Now granted - today math was really easy, but I she happily said, "Math was fun today!"

I also love this photo of her. She is concentrating..do you see it? Look at that face! She was copying from the board the ways to write Roman Numerals. She didn't complain not once that it was "to hard" or "to much work". I'm really looking forward to today.

What We Learned

History- The myth of Romulus and Remus (how Rome was formed), about roman numerals, where Rome is on the map

Math - math fact brush up, began graphing the weather for the month

English - importance of brainstorming, combining sentences

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