Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Serving This Summer

As Sissy is going into 7th grade she is approaching her teen years...seriously? SIGH.... One of the good things about that is that she is able to be active with the youth group at our church. We have an amazing youth minister and my husband and I are lucky to say that we see eye to eye with him on several issues like teen dating (not necessary) and entertainment choices (filter, filter, filter). Sissy has been participating in a few youth group activities this summer including Service Tuesdays.

I've been fortunate to attend most of the events because there were so many kids signed up to attend that they needed an extra driver. The kids have served at the local soup kitchen, a food and clothing "closet" that gives food and clothing to people in our area and an elderly care center. Most times I was able to leave the younger girls with someone for a few hours, but the care center was an hour away so I took them with us. What a blessing it was to watch the kids interact with the elderly. Their "service" was to entertain them with a game of kickball. A very energetic game of kickball. Prior to the game they sang some songs to them.

I suggested to my little girls that they take a bag full of books, coloring books and crayons with them to occupy themselves. What a joy it was to look over and see that Sweet Baby had started reading to one of the residents.

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Kelly said...

Wow, nothing and then boom, boom, boom with the posts. Glad to see my little man even made it into your blog. :) I love reading what you are doing. It is inspiring to me. Keep us posted on your history and science stuff because I love to keep up on that.