Monday, August 1, 2011

More Summer Happenings

This summer the girls and I headed out to Michigan Christian Youth camp (the same camp we attended with American Heritage Girls) for summer camp. The week we were there was a week that many kids from our church and surrounding cities attend. Most of the volunteer counselors are adults from our church. There is such a sense of community at MCYC and I think that I enjoy being there as much as the kids do.

This year was Sissy's 3rd year attending, Peanut's 2nd year and Sweet Baby's first year. Here is Sweet Baby getting her bed all set up.

This year I counseled Peanut and Sweet Baby's group of 9 girls ages 7-10. My co-counselor was a teen from our church. She was wonderful with the kids and had such a great sense of humor. Sissy was in a different group (she likes it that way). She is always in a group with one of her best friends - here they are.

Camp has become a tradition around here the last several years and unless we end up with no way to pay for it, I would never consider having my kids miss it. There are a couple families that we are friendly with that have had to move away in recent years and two of the families even sent their kids back to Michigan so they could go to camp. Here is Peanut and one of her best friends. They recently moved to Minnesota and the both of them were so excited for camp so they could see each other. They did not get to spend a lot of time together since the activities are divided according to gender, but they did see each other at flag pole, meals, games and campfire.

Every year Wednesday night is "Carnival" and "Family Night" so that family comes out and enjoys devotional by the lake and carnival games. Thankfully we are only 1/2 hour from the camp so many of our church friends come out to visit. This year we were blessed to see one of the teens be baptized in the lake. In addition, I snapped this photo of my dear friend from Oklahoma and Sissy sharing a moment as they listened to the devotional. It is moments like this that I am thankful to God for the people he has placed in our lives who love Him and our girls.

Sweet Baby especially enjoyed getting to ride the horses. We were fortunate enough to get three different horse rides for her. Although they did have someone walk her horse; rather than her controlling it, she did not care. She was on a horse and that was all that mattered!

As an adult, my favorite activity to watch is the Low Ropes course. The activities encourage team building, self confidence and determination. Here the younger girls are making their way across the tire swing portion of the course.

It was a great week with the kids learning archery, riflery, swimming, leather crafting and so much more. The weather was great and the girls all learned a lot. Take a look at the bottom of these feet on the last day and you'll get an idea of how much fun they had!

P.S. Peanut took a shower EVERYDAY we were there!

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