Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I found some time tonight so I thought I would continue with my thoughts from earlier:

When my oldest started kindergarten I found myself wanting to go to the school and peek in the windows to see what she did all day, if she was making friends, if the teacher was nice to her. At the time I felt that was crazy! "Let her go," I remember telling myself! "She has to grow up" But it continued through 1st grade too! This year she is in 3rd grade and at the beginning of this year I didn't have these feelings any longer but I do remember feeling like I was losing touch with her a bit. We also sent our middle daughter to kindergarten this year. She is in school for just 1/2 a day so my feelings of losing touch with her aren't as strong.

This year our oldest (Sissy) has been having some trouble in her class. She says the class is very loud and the kids don't follow directions and it is very distracting. She also doesn't like that the entire class gets punished for the behavior of a few kids (who can blame her?) I have also noticed that she has been struggling with spelling this year. In December I called the principal about the behavior in class and the fact that Sissy was asking me to not make her go to school anymore because she was angry that they were missing subjects (like computer lab being cut short because of bad behavior, or missing Social Studies for the same reason). The principal informed me that she would take care of things but nothing changed. At this point in time I was feeling a leaning toward learning about home schooling. A friend of mine home schools so I knew I could ask questions but I honestly was fighting it! I don't WANT to home school. I want all my girls to grow up a bit and start school and then I can get a job during the day and make some money and get my life back. But I began realizing that the kids are my life and maybe that role isn't supposed to change already.

In Jan. I called the principal back and told her that Sissy was still saying, "Don't make me go back to school mom! I can't even think in that class!" So, I sat down with the principal, teacher and school counselor. They were all very attentive but I left realizing that no matter what the adults tell a class, you can never make them all behave and you can never gear learning toward all 30 kids and have them all succeed. I started checking books out from the library on home schooling to become educated about it and I was praying like mad! I promised God and my dh that whatever God prompted me to do, I would listen. Even if I don't want to!

So, the day of that last meeting I told my husband that his wish will come true! We'll begin home schooling our soon to be 4th grader and 1st grader in the fall! Sissy knows and is excited! I haven't told the kindergartner because she can't grasp it anyway. I'd rather wait till school is over to this year to explain it to her. I'm actually excited now and can't wait to see how our family grows and changes as we continue to listen to the Lord.

Who Would Have Thought?

We are getting ready to home school our 3 children in the fall! Who would have thought?Certainly not me! 4 years ago as our oldest daughter was ready to start Kindergarten my husband told me he would like for us to consider homeschooling. I hardly even took time to breathe after he suggested it and told him, "No way! I feel sorry for home schooled kids because they don't get to socialize with other kids and they miss out on fun stuff like class parties. This mom is absolutely NOT going to home school." I meant it too....at the time. Isn't it funny how God reaches down and can change the course of our lives, and through it, change the course of someone else's life too?

I have been a stay at home mom for nearly 9 years! Before getting married I received an Associates Degree from Lansing Community College in Paralegal Studies. Then I went on to receive a bachelor's degree from Michigan State University in Pre-Law. I really thought that someday I would attend law school. My husband and I were married 3 weeks after I graduated from MSU and I assumed I would take several years to just enjoy working and getting my feet wet in the legal field, decide for sure on law school and MAYBE 5 or 6 years into our marriage decide to have kids.

About a year after we were married I really wanted to have a baby and God made that happen. While we were pregnant I was sure I would continue working after the baby was born, but my dh (whose mother was a stay at home mom) wanted something more for his child. He asked me to consider staying home to raiser her. My answer to that was much like my answer to his request that I home school! I told him "no", and furthered that by telling him I went to school for far too long to give it all up for kids! As the birth approached I agreed that if my job would give me 6 months off to make up my mind I would try it out. The law firm I worked for was wonderful and gave me the time. About 2 min after our daughter was born, I knew that I was made to be a full time mom. I knew I couldn't leave her with a sitter. So....that began the rest of my life.

Now we have three girls who I love terribly! As my oldest entered public school I was excited for all she would experience! I couldn't wait for her to start school, get on a bus, make new friends, but it wasn't as easy as I thought.

More on that tomorrow....