Thursday, March 12, 2009

Invertebreate Pictionary

Today for science we began discussing invertebrates. We have worked our way through mammals, reptiles, fish, birds and now we are on to creepy crawlies. We have taken WAY to long with Science this year. As much as I LOVE our co-op, it falls on Tuesdays (which is the day I have scheduled for science and I like to keep things consistent). So at least 2 days a month we don't do science. Then, back in October we had some family things happening that really pulled me away from school for several weeks. I couldn't focus so I let it slide. Then we went on that fabulous vaction for 2 weeks and we didn't do any science then either. So...even though it is one of the subjects we are enjoying most, we haven't gotten very far in it! I'm hoping to finish up our Animals book in the next few weeks and be ready to start on plants before the end of April.

Anyway, here the girls are playing Invertebrate Pictionary. Can you guess which invertebrea they are drawing?

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