Friday, March 13, 2009

Finding Happiness

I LOVE these pictures.

There are 3 things that I would like to see in happen during our voyage of home schooling.

1) To see my family grow know, the girls love being together and there is hardly ever any bickering and they learn how to be kind and loving to one another, lots of empathy and love growin! That is one thing.

2) For my girls to truly enjoy learning. I want to see them pick up books for fun and actually read them, and not easy books. Those don't count. Sissy reads, but she consistently chooses books that are below her level. I do not expect her to choose literary works of art - deep pondering books. Even I do not read those types of books, the occasional classic would cause me to be thrilled though. (For the record she did recently complete an abridged version of Little Women. That sent my heart aflutter! Pure joy to have her reading about Jo, Amy and Beth March!)

3) For them to find a passion and expand on it. Be it sports, art, music or drama. We have opted to NOT have our kids into a ton of different activities. Our rule is usually one activity at a time, and in all honesty preferably something not to expensive since. Sissy has tried gymnastics and softball (both of which she is really good at), Girl scouts, and acting. Peanut has only tried violin thus far but wants to do softball this spring. Nothing is more thrilling for me than to see my children delighting in some accomplishment of theirs.

Last year when I attended Peanuts final parent/teacher conference her teacher gushed about her writing skills. She informed me that she tested well above a kindergartener in reading and writing but that I should be sure to give the child paper and pencil whenever she wants it. For school so far she hasn't wanted to write for science or history. It is more of a chore but on rare occasions she will begin writing "a story" and that story takes her DAYS to complete. Last week she wrote a story about her Webkinz. She wrote it and illustrated it and we stapled the sheets together. She was so proud of herself.

Yesterday she began writing again in an old spiral bound notebook my husband gave her. You would have thought he gave her a diamond ring the way she lit up! As soon as we were done with formal school for the day she ran to get her notebook and she sat at this spot for at least an hour. Dutifully writing, only breaking for a split second to take a bite out of her sandwich.

After she had filled up three pages, I asked her about her story..she promptly informed me that it wasn't a story. "It is a play mom." My go girl!!!

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Rene said...

Please read this book (the library has it available): "Beyond Survival: A Guide to Abundant Life Homeschooling". It was a book that gave an "aha" moment for me because it captures was many of us want for our children as homeschooling Moms. Some want strong academics, some want child prodegies and some want children who live a life of continual and enraptured learning. I want the latter and that's what this book is about. :)