Friday, March 20, 2009

Impressionist Painters

Last week the girls and I discussed impressionist painters. I chose 3 particular painters to talk about and we read some great children's books about painters. There is a great series of books for kids written by Laurence Anholt that is a great way to introduce kids to some famous painters like Degas, Monet, and VanGough.

I for one have always loved Monet. His painting of his wife and son in the poppy field is my favorite. I was really excited to share with the girls something that I really enjoy. Imagine my shock when I asked the girls if they liked the first piece that I showed them by Monet and Sissy's comment was, "Mom! They look like black dots all over the page!" Throughout the week she never grew to like impressionist art. Peanut on the other hand thought it was beautiful.

On Friday of last week the girls got to paint like they were impressionists and they enjoyed that. I gave them a bunch of Q-Tips and let them have at it. Even Sweet Baby got in on the fun!

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