Tuesday, March 3, 2009

First Choir Performance

After their experience with the church Christmas play, Sissy has been telling me how much she would love to do another performance. There aren't that many avenues for children to snag acting positions (unless I wanted to pay for her to take a class at one of the city organizations). A home schooling family we have been getting to know has a daughter her age who apparently likes productions like that as well and she informed me that there is a local group in our town that occasionally puts on plays. She told me that they were doing a choir performance called "Freedom" and we might be interested. Both of the older girls wanted to be involved so we have spent the last month and a half going to rehearsals. This past weekend were the performances. (That is Sissy holding the first "E").

It is funny how the performances fit in so well with our history study right now. Last week we began studying the 1900's. Specifically we are studying Samantha in our American Girls study and one of the things we are going to start talking about is the influx of immigration at that time. During the performance all the children were dressed to look like immigrants. They sang songs relating to the freedom we all have in America, the "melting pot" and they got to say where their relatives came from. They did really well and had fun although Sissy did say that she does not really desire to do choir again, rather she wants to do acting and have lots of lines. That's my girl!

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