Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Beautiful Day in Michigan!

I was beginning to think that we would never see the sun again here in Michigan! It seems like this winter has hung on so long! We got our first snowfall early in November and there are some spots where we still have mounds of snow (you know, the mounds of grey/black snow that accumulate on the sides of the road and in parking lots - YUCK!!)

We had a couple nice days a few weeks ago, but nothing consistent. One day it was 50degrees and the next it was 20! Sissy keeps saying, "I just want to be able to go in the backyard and play and not have to worry about mud!" Well, it happened this week! Sunday was so nice that in the late afternoon the girls were in the back yard with daddy playing softball and then yesterday they were in the driveway. Once a year our church has a roller skating night which has affectionately been called "Sissy's Bristol Road Family Skate Night". Every year she has me ask the teen minister if he can plan a night for the church to go skating. Well, last night was the night. So, to pump themselves up, the girls were in the driveway skating. Sweet Baby put on the Fisher Price skates and tried her hand on wheels (her first time) and she did great!

Neither Peanut nor Sweet Baby have ever skated at the roller rink, they have been to young, but this year they both donned a pair of skates and had a great time! They are looking forward to practicing in the driveway this summer as well!

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david santos said...

Really beautiful posting!!!
The Cildren are the future of World.