Friday, February 13, 2009

Not a Fan of Beethoven

We don't do a formal "music" program here at home. Peanut was taking violin, but that ended because she disliked it so much. A friend who home schools had a couple cd's she shared with us for our trip to Disney (which we never listed to). I decided to pop one in yesterday while the girls were writing. This series is a great idea and I am going to see if we carry any other at the library. They are made by Classical Kids . We started with Beethoven yesterday. It is a fictional story with true facts about the composer woven into the story and his various compositions are playing in the background. This one starts out with a thunderstorm and Beethoven's composition Symphony 7 and 5 are going. I walked into the dining room to see how the kids were doing and found Sweet Baby under the easel. I asked her what was wrong and she just said, "This is scary." Her and Peanut have never handled thunderstorms well so I'm not surprised that she didn't like it, but it was funny to see her under there! Watching her in her footed pj's being scared of the thunder made me realize that she is still just a baby. Sort of, a 4 year old baby (they grow up so fast!) It also made me realize that mom needs to trim those bangs!
The Classical Kids series includes Vivaldi (which we are borrowing), Bach, Mozart, and Tchaikovsky. I'm hoping to find some used or at our library because they aren't cheap. The individual cd's are $16.99 and apparently they have a teachers guide as well so you can really turn them into a study but those are $33 for both the cd and the guide---YIKES!

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Rene said...

You know, I bought that set of 3 off eBay brand new for less than $30. I saw that they are still out there for a lot cheaper than full price. :)