Sunday, February 22, 2009

Cooking Her First Meal

For some reason Sissy has really been wanting to learn how to cook. A few weeks back at the library we found a Paula Dean cookbook for kids (which she keeps near her bed and looks at it each night!). We have renewed it twice! Her birthday is the first week in April...I wonder if I see a birthday idea here?!?! Anyway, she saw a recipe for "Stuffed Shells" and asked if she could cook for us. Since stuffed shells isn't something I have ever made I figured it would be something fun to try.

The recipe was very easy and all we added was ground meat. Sissy did most everything except drain the shells. I helped her get the ground beef started, but otherwise she did a great job. It was very good as well. Daddy even had seconds and then got up for another helping of brussel sprouts and Sissy said to me, "Oh, is daddy having thirds?" In addition, Peanut kept saying, "This is awesome!" She was so proud of herself!