Monday, February 2, 2009

Most Exciting Thing So Far (Educationally)

Ahhh, spelling. A subject that always come sort of naturally to me. So, last year when Sissy struggled so much it was hard. It was hard for me to watch her shed tears over practicing words. She tried hard, but she never really got it. It is very difficult for me to teach a subject that just comes naturally to me because when it comes to spelling, I don't know why I know how to spell it, I just do. So, I had no way to explain it to her. This year one of my goals was for her to begin to understand spelling. We found All About Spelling in October and it has made a world of difference.
Sissy has cruised through the first two levels (which honestly are pretty easy for a 4th grader). The crazy thing is that this kid actually ASKS to do extra spelling lessons and I have noticed that some words she never would have been able to spell last year, she can spell this year. Even if they aren't words we have worked on in our program yet. She really wanted to get done with Level 2 so she could move on to level 3. The other day she got the mail and there was a note in the box that there was a package on the porch. She said "maybe it is my spelling level 3!" She opened the door and grabbed the box yelling, "It is!!". I took these photos because it warms my heart to see that the kid didn't even take her coat off before ripping into her package and getting all giddy that her spelling program was here!

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