Saturday, February 14, 2009

Learning from Each Other

Sweet Baby is not the child who will sit still with me and patiently learn to write her letters. She asked me to teach her to read at the end of the summer, but at that point she didn't even know 10 letters of the alphabet. When I told her we needed to learn our letters and then learn the sounds and learn to read, she told me she didn't want to. She has her own ideas of how things are done.

Sweet Baby doesn't even participate in school with us. When we are working on various history periods and even on science, I look for picture books to go along with our course of study because I am hoping that they will be interesting enough to her to join in. She rarely does, so imagine my surprise when one day 2 weeks ago, she came to the table with a picture book in her hand ("Katy and the Big Snow"), a piece of paper and pencil. She promptly sat down and wrote the word "Katy" across her paper! I was shocked...that seemed to spur Peanut on to grab a book and she began copying the words off of each page and illustrating it herself. This has continued into this past week. One day last week I heard Peanut say, "WOW! Good job Sweet Baby, now do a 's'." I peeked around the corner and this is what I saw....

Peanut was "teaching" Sweet Baby how to write her letters. This was "one of those moments". One of those moments you just don't want to forget.

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