Sunday, February 1, 2009

New Use for Toys

Kira is beginning to learn about money. She gets the concept of a penny and how much that is worth, we moved on to dimes next and since shee seems to understand that we moved on to using money "in the real world" of our living room. She went through her room and picked out various items that we made price tags for. Of course we kept the prices in her "store" simple, everything under a $1.00.
Next she was able to "buy" the items. We started easy with single items and I asked her to count out how much money she would need to buy it using her dimes and pennies. She really thought this was great fun. Then we moved up to multiple items and we even wrote reciepts. She was having a blast!
The funny thing was that Megan (9) said, "Mom, that is such a great fun way for her to learn about money." I explained that Kira's Saxon Math told me to teach it to her that way and that I probaly would never have thought about anything so cool!

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