Thursday, October 1, 2009

Powhatan Indian Village

I think the girls favorite part of our trip to Virginia was visiting the Powhatan Indian Village at Jamestown. The wig wams (there was a different name for them, but honestly I cannot recall the actual name of the dwelling) were amazing! They looked so real and we were able to go inside and look around. We saw various furs, baskets, beds, etc inside and it was amazing to think of these people whose children slept on the dirt ground and they were happy this way because it was all they knew.

While the older girls and dad were sitting and listening to our tour guide give some information, Sweet Baby noticed an "Indian" off on the side of the village all by herself working. She very quietly wandered over her way and asked her what she was doing. She was actually cleaning the back of a very fresh deer hide. It still had blood on it! It was a really sweet thing to see her explaining to Sweet Baby what she was doing and it made me think of Indian ma-ma's teaching their Indian babies how to do tasks that were "normal", like skinning various animals and stretching their hides to dry. Again, another great experience at Jamestown!

Here Peanut and Sweet Baby are busy "trying" to grind corn. It literally took both of them to lift the smasher (such a technical word!).

After exploring Jamestown the girls all gathered for a picture....a great day, but it wasn't over! I'll share some photos of the actual site where they have discovered the fort through the archaeological site just down the road from the recreated site.

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