Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Our Visit to Yorktown

Our final historical place to visit was Yorktown. I will admit that by the time that day rolled around we were all tired and the kids were cranky (ok, mom was cranky too) so we chose not to tour the battlefields. We went to the small village they had, visited the museum and the outdoor camp of the soldiers.

We learned about the types of crops the colonists had at this time like tobacco and flax. Sissy was asked to separate the flax "threads". I had no idea that linen was made from these plants!

Peanut enjoyed the soldiers camp the most. She especially liked the Officer's tent. She discovered a large map of the area and different tools used to read the map and was caught examining it several times.
Here the girls are trying on the punishment for a soldier who was being insubordinate! They thought the idea of having to wear a sign around your neck as punishment was funny!
Since everyone was getting tired and cranky, the last couple days of our trip came at a perfect time! We drove about and hour south and stayed at a camping cabin at First Landings State Park. Our friends had been camping there their entire stay so we were able to enjoy 2 days of just lounging around and playing in the Chesapeake Bay. I'll share those photos soon!

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