Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Beautiful Fall Day

Since our family LOVES living history museums and we are blessed to have a family pass to one of the best ones around, Greenfield Village, we decided that dad should take an impromptu day off of work and we should spend a beautiful fall day at the Village. Weather wise, it was one of the best days so far this fall. Michigan has been so cold and rainy this summer/fall so we wanted to take advantage of projected beautiful day - and it was! Here is a picture of a field right outside the Dagget Farm House (one of my favorite places to visit on the working farm).

Next to watching the glass blowing, one of the things that was most entertaining to me was watching the farmers clip the sheeps toe nails (historically this is NOT something that would have been done in the 1800's - the sheep would have had enough land to grind down their toe nails by their natural roaming). The farmer merely had to grab the sheep and lay him on his back between the farmer's legs. This apparently compresses their lungs just enough to put them into deep breathing and it puts them to sleep! Almost immediately. It was crazy seeing their body get all limp and their head fall off to the side as they drifted off to slumber for a bit!

Here is a shot of some gardens, which were all beautiful and in bloom earlier this summer when we visited, but now they are beautiful this fall as they are sporting their fall colors.

We went with some friends of ours and planned on taking some family photos and shots of the kids. We had a beautiful backdrop to do it too!

Photo of Sissy....

Photo of Peanut...

Photo of Sweet Baby...I love this shot, it shows her sassy spirit!

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