Friday, October 16, 2009

Kids LOVE Stickers

My Father's World Exploring Countries and Cultures includes a Flag Sticker Book that has the various flags of the world and maps where the kids place the sticker on the country. While it is neat, I knew the kids would want something with more stickers. As an Usborne Books consultant I chose to order books that I know are high quality and my kids love (they love it when a box of books is delivered to our home, whether they are for them or a customer!) Most home school families are already familiar with Usborne Books. I began working with them just over a year ago. Unfortunately I haven't built it into the business that I would like to have. It has been slow going, so, if you are interested in earning free books (the holidays are coming!) just send me an e-mail at and I'll set something up for you! OK..back to the books themselves...

The ones you see Peanut and Sissy working on are the Usborne Sticker Atlas of the World books. These have the various countries and other interesting things like natural places to visit like Niagara Falls. It also has various other things the country may be famous for, like sporting events (hockey for Canada), man made famous landmarks (St Louis Arch, USA), and even a couple pages in the back that show various world records like longest rivers, highest mountains, etc. Finding some of the things that we have already talked about is a great rienforcer and of course, we can't talk about EVERYTHING in a particular country, so they are learning even more about this incredible world God has made!

I purchased a completely different Sticker Atlas for Sweet Baby knowing that the one the older girls are using would not be as interesting for her. For Sweet Baby I opted for the Usborne Animal Sticker Atlas. She just loves looking for the various animals that go along with the countries we are studying. The stickers are numbered and so we are also able to use the numbers on the stickers as a number recognition activity.

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tammy said...

We loved MFW:ECC last year! :) I also love Usborne books. Looks like you are really in tune with how your kids learn. (gotta love homeschooling!!!)