Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Actual Jamestown Site Visit

After visiting the re-created Jamestown settlement, we decided to head down the road a bit and visit the actual archaeological site where they have discovered the actual settlement. We were lucky enough to share our vacation with family friends who also home school (the same family we were at Disney with last year). The actual Jamestown site is a National Park so one of the sons of our friends let the girls know that they would be able to do activities to become "Junior Rangers". WHAT AN AWESOME PROGRAM! It wasn't easy either! The kids had to complete a certain number of activities/worksheets regarding information that could be obtained in the museum, through a guided tour or even in the art that lined the walls of the visitor center. Both Peanut and Sissy completed their goals (Peanut did receive a bit of help though!).

Our visit to the actual site of the Jamestown settlement was amazing and very emotional (for the adults at least. Here is shot of one of the first church buildings on "American" soil. To think that some of the earliest settlers sat in the rough benches to honor and praise the same Father that our family reflects on each Sunday was amazing.

The site of these crosses (laid in the area of the actual cemetery of the earliest colonists) was a sobering one. To stop and think that these were real people who traveled over 4 months to our country. Real men, sons and husbands - many of whom lost lives while here was quite emotional. Often times we think of the early people as just "characters" and forget that they were real living, breathing people who had dreams and hopes just like us.

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