Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sweet Way to End the Week

The first two weeks of school had us learning about maps and globes. We talked about things like latitude and longitude, the equator, the continents and the hemispheres. We ended our week by making a world cake. I baked a round cake and then mixed the blue "ocean". Sissy spread the ocean. I went ahead and drew the outlines of the continents (don't laugh at the terrible job I did!) and was shocked when I finished the outline of Greenland and the girls shouted, "That's Greenland!" After I drew the outlines the girls filled them in.

Because we spent some time talking about physical maps and the types of information that can be found there, we decided to use chocolate chips to show where mountains can be found.

I also mixed up some different colored frosting and had Peanut draw the equator. She knew that it went right across the middle of the earth but since Mom didn't do the best job drawing the continents, I didn't want Florida to be in the southern hemisphere so we made the equator a bit lower than it actually is. Daddy said it is the "quarter-quater".
I think the best part about this cake is that we shared it with people we love. We went to the home of some home schooling friends to celebrate the end of the first couple weeks of school. We had snacks like a world cake, popcorn and played the Wii till the wee hours of the evening.