Thursday, September 17, 2009

Class Pet

I GUESS we have a class pet. This is "Coral" and "she" was named by her new owner, Sweet Baby. I've been pretty sick with a sinus infection and skipped going to church last night so I could rest some more. When everyone came home I heard Sweet Baby yell, "Mom, I got a fish!" Of course I assumed she meant that she crafted some fish in class. But she said, "Quick, get her out, her bag is leaking!" I knew this was no paper fish! Sure enough, inside the leaking bag was "Coral". The teachers were nice enough to include the bowl and a ziploc of fish food as well. They are teaching about the days of creation and just last night they talked about God creating fish, so it made sense to send a fish home with the kids...right? Sweet Baby is in love! We'll be going to the library to get books about goldfish so we can read all about Coral. One of the exciting things was when Peanut said, "Mom, aren't goldfish cold blooded?" Made me giddy inside since we talked about that last winter. She remembered!!!!

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Rene said...

After you get back from vacation and we give you your healthy fish back, remind me to tell you about my science project with goldfish in high school for Biology and AP Biology. LOL :)