Thursday, September 3, 2009

Day's 2 and 3

We took a "mental health day" on the 2nd day of school. So how crazy is that? Dear family friends moved early Tuesday night and we were saying our good-bye's the evening before. There was very little sleep at our house that evening and then as we were finishing our Bible and went into prayer, Sissy was really struggling to get through without falling apart. The principal decided to declare a "mental heath day".

Here the girls are creating their John 3:16 poster. Because I wanted them to be able to store part of the poster in their notebooks when we are done with it, I had each girl create their own 8x10 poster that was then glued onto the larger poster board. One section has John 3:16 typed nice and large as well. We are hanging this above our world map so that we can be mindful of all of the people in the world that we need to remember in our prayers. To get the kids thinking of how lucky we are to have access to Bibles, we also read God Speaks Nummangang twice and my kids love it. It is a small book that was produced by our curriculum company - My Father's World. Sissy was amazed to learn that there are 700 languages in Paupa New Guinea alone and Sweet Baby just likes saying "Nummangang".

We decided on an impromptu nature walk at a local nature area with a couple friends. In science we are studying various habitats and in 2 weeks will be talking about forests. The crazy thing is that the mosquito's are so bad here right now that they were driving us out of the forest!

Today we discussed the equator and the hemispheres that are created by the equator. In addition the girls colored the 7 continents, drew the equator and labeled the hemispheres.

Hopefully I'll get a chance this weekend to share how we are organizing our day and let you know how the first week went! Until then, have a great day!

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