Friday, September 11, 2009

New Friend Was Visiting

Yesterday Sissy went out to get the mail and came running back inside yelling, "Come see what is in the driveway!" Since she is very skittish of animals and bugs, she wasn't about to touch it and stood way back, but Peanut was intrigued and was checking it out..

...she really liked watching it bring its head in and out of its shell. The girls were able to see the claws and the tail and when we go to the library today, I think we'll look for some books on turtles to add to their book basket. We kept it in a bucket for the day so they could run out and check on it (Peanut named him Fire because of the pretty red stripes on his underside.) We did let him go after dinner and if it weren't for the mosquitos eating us alive, we would have watched him run off till we couldn't see him anymore. Peanut delighted in picking him up, but she was the only one of the girls brave enough to do that!

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