Sunday, September 27, 2009

Homeschool Days in Virginia

We just arrived home from a trip to Virginia. We were lucky enough to spend nearly a week in the Williamsburg area and we enjoyed Home School Days at Williamsburg, Jamestown and Yorktown. After 3 days of tours of historical areas we ventured down the coast a bit and enjoyed 2 nights at the First Landing State Park and enjoyed swimming in the Chesapeake Bay and making memories with some dear friends of ours.
Our first day was spent at Williamsburg. It was a wonderful place full of colonial history. Since we had spent the first 6 weeks of school last year discussing colonial America, the two older girls had a grasp on what was happening in the colonies during that time. When we first arrived they had this amazing "map" of the town for us to look at. Since we are studying maps this year, the girls all enjoyed looking at the map. Sweet Baby even recognized the compass rose on this one.

During Home School weeks all three historical areas had extra hands on activities and guided tours for home school families. Almost as soon as we entered Williamsburg the girls were able to dip their own bees wax candles. They really enjoyed that!

We really enjoyed visiting the Governor's Palace. It was a beautiful stately residence that we were able to walk through. It was amazing to think that something so lavishly decorated was here in the colonies with the knowledge that so many of the colonists were living in terrible conditions.

Here is a shot of the foyer in the Palace. See all those muskets and swords around the fireplace and lining the wall? They are ALL over the foyer, even on the ceiling, and they were all removable so that the residents of the Palace could quickly remove them if they were in danger and needed protection.

Here is a final shot of our day at Williamsburg...Sissy and Peanut in the stocks. I love the fact that Sissy was fully aware that sitting in the stocks would not have been an enjoyable experience (look at her expression). Then there is our ever smiling Peanut who would have been able to find joy and happiness...even in the stockades!
More from our trip tomorrow. My personal favorite place - Jamestown.

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