Wednesday, April 8, 2009

WOW, The Things They Absorb

As you may know, for history we have been studying the American Girls. We have taken the various dolls/characters and studied their time in history. We took 6 weeks in each time period and read each of the sets of books about Felicity (1774), Kirsten (1854), Addy (1864), Samantha (1904) and Kit (1934). We just finished up Samantha in which we spent a couple weeks talking about Thomas Edison and his inventions. We even completed a Thomas Edison lapbook from Hands of a Child. The girls learned so much about various inventions and how they revolutionized the early 1900's and even today. Sweet Baby does not sit in on our lessons, I really just let her play all morning and if she seems interested I ask her if she would like to come to listen to what we are learning about. If she doesn't, I don't sweat it; however, I am really becoming surprised at the things she picks up just by playing next to us. Here she is pretending to read while we visited a museum last week.
This week we began our study of the 1930's (Kit) and we have started by talking about Amelia Earhart. I was reading a book and it talked about how when she returned home from one of her flights she was riding in a parade where there was a lot of "ticker tape" being thrown. Sissy said, "What is ticker tape? Is that like from a stock ticker?" Since we had learned that Thomas Edison invented the stock ticker I said, "Yes, and do you remember who invented the stock ticker?" I was surprised that both Sissy and Peanut had to think about it for a minute, but Sweet Baby yelled, "YES! Thomas. Thomas Edison!"

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Rene said...

See? I did not know that a ticker tape parade specifically from stock ticker tape. I hadn't thought that one through. I DEFINITELY did not know that Thomas Edison invented the stock ticker. :)

Isn't homeschooling fun? You get to learn stuff that you never learned before!!