Friday, April 24, 2009

Days Like Today....

Today was a sweet day..Every year my hubby takes the older kids to his brother's house for our annual yard sale. His brother lives right in town and their town has a Maple Syrup festival the last weekend in April. We spend the entire year cleaning out various items the kids are either to big for or we decide we don't need anymore, and take them 2 hours north for the sale. We usually end up selling nearly everything, making some money and the kids make memories with their cousins. Sweet Baby is still a bit young to go so it will be just the two of us today and tomorrow. It is time that we really need together.

We woke up this morning and drove about 30 minutes to go shopping and have lunch together. Now, this may not be Sweet Baby's idea of a good time but for me it sounded like fun because I would only need to take 1 child with me! However, I bribed her with the promise to play at the play area (which we haven't been to in 2 years) however, when we arrived we discovered it was closed for cleaning and repairs. So....I let her ride the carousel instead (something that I don't usually let the kids do at the mall since one ride is $2 and multiply that by 3 kids it costs a small fortune just for a carousel ride!)

Several times throughout the morning I was struck with how stinking cute she is, how smart she can be and the realization that I don't slow down and enjoy her enough. Especially now with home schooling, I find myself urging her to "go play" so that I can finish up school with the older kids. Of course after that, there is lunch to make and clean up after. After that the girls play together a bit and then she takes a nap. When she wakes up from that I am usually just getting the other girls started on spelling and then it is time to make dinner.

I'm ashamed to say that I haven't been taking time to enjoy her. My last baby who is growing up so fast. She has become a discipline problem and I am sure that part of that is because she is starved for attention from me. I promise to try to be much more aware of how much one on one attention I give to this little gem. God has blessed me with healthy children who enjoy being with their mother, what more could I ask for?
So tell me, don't you think she is cute?

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