Monday, April 6, 2009

Insect Study and some Crustaceans Too!

I have been so behind in my blogging that I am going back a couple weeks to share some photos with you and info about things we have been doing. We have been concentrating on science because I am trying to get us done with our Animal Kingdom book to prepare us to start plants next. Since we are approaching the spring planting season, it really is the best time to be learning about plants. We just studied insects, including bees and ended our study by making Styrofoam ball bees. The girls were required to make them as "realistically" as possible. They needed to make the bee have 3 segmented body parts, the appropriate number of legs and attach them to the thorax of the bee and put the correct number of wings on them. Megan chose to add saran wrap to the wings.

After insects we did crustaceans. The girls learned about their antennae, their jointed legs, etc. Then they had to build a crustacean out of playdough (it is driving me crazy to look at all the playdough colors mixed together! I'm definitely a type A personality!) They could create a crustacean we had learned about or make up a crustacean. The only rule was that their creature had to have the correct number of antennae and various body parts, they were even able to name their creation.

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John and Anne said...

Were the bees "clint's" idea??!!! haha