Monday, December 8, 2008

Sweet Christmas Angels

Last night was our church Christmas play. Sissy, Peanut and I were all in the play and it was such fun doing this activity together. We didn't have big parts. Sissy had the most lines at about 3 or 4! Peanut didn't have a speaking part at all (except for singing various songs), and I had one line that numbered 3 words! But it was a great experience. Sissy thought she would like to see what it took to put on a play so I figured if she was going to be at the church 2 nights a week for rehearsals, I may as well help out as well. Here is a photo of the girls in their angel choir costumes, after the play was over. I had Sweet Baby jump in as well hoping we could get a cute picture for Christmas cards this year.

If you have never read the story of The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, you have to get the book! It is a very fast, funny read that makes for a great read aloud for kids, even for adults. When we were reading the book for a read aloud, I saved it for the evenings, when my husband was home, because he liked to sit and listen to the story as well! If you click on the title of the book you'll be directed to a site that has a few sample pages of the play and you can get an idea for the mood of the play. The book is right on with the play and can be found online and more than likely, at bookstores.

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