Thursday, December 11, 2008

Just When You Think....

You need to send one of them back to public school, you have a day (or two) like the one we are having today. I know the photo is odd but let me explain it (please ignore the pile of clothes on the floor in the background because that is actually mom's fault and the large spot on the floor that the grey "moon" piece is partially covering - that is bag balm that the younger girls rubbed into the carpet about 3 years, bag balm DOESN'T come out of carpeting so keep it away from young children.)

I had to take this picture because after we finished school this morning the three of the girls tore off to one of the bedrooms to play (first amazing thing that happened....they NEVER play in their rooms, they ALWAYS drag their junk into the main living area). I was so giddy when I realized they were happily playing with the wooden train set. Why is this so amazing? Well, Sissy is 9. 9...most 9 year old girls now a days don't play with the wooden train set that has been around since they were 2. Somehow that is one sweet thing I have noticed since homeschooling began. My oldest isn't as concerned with growing up fast any longer. She happily plays My Little Ponies still. She isn't sitting in her room listening to High School Musical as much as she used to and I LOVE it! I just want her to remain a little girl as long as she can and I have noticed an amazing slow down in her desire to grow up. Most girls her age long ago gave up My Little Ponies for playing with Bratz dolls and putting on make-up "for fun". So, when I see her excited to play with the wooden train, it is a good day!

So, what does this have to do with my first statement? There have been several days since we started school that I have seriously considered sending Peanut back to public school in the fall. She has a hard time focusing (which dissipated last year by October, I think it was all the order and structure of school) but especially she is always preoccupied with playing and doesn't want to do school. It is "hard" and "boring". The crazy thing is, it isn't hard for her. She has no trouble doing ANY of the work...she just doesn't want to.

So, on those days when I think she would do better in public school or I would do better having her in public school, we have a few days where I see the rewards of homeschooling. Rewards like:

1) The girls being so excited to play with one anther that they forget to pester me :)
2) Much less fighting between the kids than even 6 months ago
3) A child who finally says, "I love spelling!"
4) Hearing the younger girls say, "No, don't take Sissy to the store with you, we like her home, she makes stuff fun!"

Those are just a few of the rewards we have seen and each one of them is precious to me.

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