Friday, December 19, 2008

Gingerbread Houses...The Easy Version

For the last 3 years Sissy's Girl Scout council has sponsored a Mom and Me gingerbread house morning which she really enjoys (the girls make the houses - not the moms). The houses are made from graham cracker covered small (empty) milk boxes. This year as we were leaving they had a TON of the boxes left over, so I grabbed a few to use at home. This morning seemed as good a day as any to decorate our houses. (Isn't this the cutest picture of Sissy concentrating so hard??? She loved using the decorator bottles from Pampered Chef, they are perfect for kids hands!)

We used vanilla frosting in a can, mini marshmallows, twisted pretzels, M&M's, Fruit Loops, Rice Chex and various candy we had in our candy bucket. The kids had such fun.

As much as I love to do crafts, I am fully aware that I enjoy doing crafts. I do NOT really enjoy setting up crafts for the kids to do. Is that terrible? Please tell me there are more moms like me out there. HOWEVER, when I do drag out the stuff for them to do a craft, I try to show them how to use the supplies and then walk away. Otherwise I'm sure I'd be giving LOTS of "suggestions" on how to make theirs look just like mine. Last year at the Girl Scout event, I sat across the table from a mother and her 9 year old daughter (we'll call her Susie), and I watched in horror as the mom created the ENTIRE house. Poor Susie sat with her arms folded across her chest as mom painstakingly created a house. I was determined NOT to do this today! So, other than helping Sweet Baby put the walls on, the girls did the entire project on their own.

Here is my favorite photo of the morning! Sweet Baby kept giggling and saying "This is my first gingerbread house ever!"

Now, to be completely honest, the reason that I was able to leave the girls alone and let them create however they wanted, is because I was sure to grab enough milk cartons so I could make one to. Isn't it cute?

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