Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Snow Day!!

Look what it has been doing in Michigan the last 2 days - SNOWING! The girls were so excited yesterday as snow started falling, but there wasn't really enough for snow balls and snow angels....until they woke up this morning.

The schools in our area aren't closed today, but my girls aren't sitting in a classroom dreaming of 4:00 when they would get home and finish home work and then play, they are having fun in it now. We woke up, had waffles for breakfast, did some chores, did math and then it was off for "recess". When they come in we'll start learning about birds in science and read some more in our Happy Birthday Kirsten book, do a spelling lesson and maybe another chapter in Little House in the Big Woods.

I've been struggling a bit since returning from Disney. Peanut (the 6 year old) doesn't want to do anything school related. Everything is met with resistance, everything is "to hard" except it really isn't. In reality she just doesn't want to sit and do her work. She wants to play all day. I've been very frustrated and feeling like maybe she needs to be in school next year. But then we have a morning like this and I can't imagine her being at school not sharing in this fun. I'm still praying, praying God will direct our family and show me as often as He can that we are making the right choice for each of them. I understand they are all different, maybe they aren't ALL meant to be home schooled....being a parent sure isn't easy! But, when we slow down and just stop all the noise and chaos and just look at faces like these....

it seems that parenting is doable. If with nothing more than love.

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