Thursday, May 20, 2010


For the record, I'm terrified of snakes. Not just a little scared, not just a bit squeamish, but full fledged fetal position - rocking in the corner kind of terrified. I nearly lost it yesterday when my husband yelled, "I've got a baby gardener snake if anyone wants to come see it!" My initial thought was, "What?!? Why would anyone want to come see it?" That is when I heard Peanut say, "OOOH, how cute, a baby snake!" CUTE?!? Seriously? YUCK!

Well, the girls got to check it out in the bottom of the wheelbarrow. I tried to walk close and check it out, I did see it but just the sight of it made my skin crawl and I felt sick. Needless to say, this next picture was not taken by me and it makes me nauseated just posting it!

My point (really, I didn't post this just to share with you how much of a baby I am) is that I LOVE moments like this! I love seeing them all together exploring together. Ahhhh....

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Lorien Clark said...

Oh you would freak out at my house. Our kids and the neighbor kids go around catching those snakes and play with them.