Friday, May 7, 2010

Great Bible for Young Readers

I was recently at a used curriculum sale and happened to spot a Bible that was in really good condition for only $4. Peanut is a really great reader and has been since kindergarten but of course just because she can read the words does not mean she can comprehend it all. To be fair, there are many of us adults who can read the Bible and cannot understand it all! She has a Bible of her own, but I never see her reading it because she doesn't understand it. When I found this one at the sale it looked like it would be a good one for a young reader so I brought it home.

I have been delighted to find Peanut reading her new Bible whenever the mood strikes her. She can often be found reading it aloud to all her stuffed animals! If you have been looking for a good Bible for a child who is reading at least at the 2nd-3rd grade level, this might be a good fit for your family - The Adventure Bible For Young Readers by Zonderkidz. In addition to being a full translation of the Bible it has interesting little text boxes throughout that give extra information about people in the Bible, particular scriptures that are short enough to do as memory work, illustrations and a "Let's Live It" section that is a short devotional based on the scriptures that have been read. I have a few more used curriculum sales to go to this season. I'll be keeping my eyes open for another good price on a Bible just like this one for Sweet Baby.

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