Sunday, May 9, 2010

New Family Members

Awwwww, look what we got!

Yep, 6 sweet little chicks. Aren't they cute? A few years ago my husband announced that he wanted a few chickens and I thought he was nuts! I have never had a desire to have any farmish animals. A dog is just fine for me. But, we have dear friends who have chickens and whenever they go out of town for vacation we drive over and take care of their birds. Chickens are just the sweetest things. So, we thought we would try it this year. We ordered 2 Buff Orpingtons (the yellow ones), a couple Silver Wyandottes, a Black Australorp and one Araucana which believe it or not, lay colored eggs!
The girls have already chosen "their chicks" and named them. Sweet Baby and Sissy chose the Orpingtons. Sissy is the only one who has named hers and she chose Yellow Daisy for its name. Last year we spent some time talking about birds and their feathers. They are already losing their downy feathers and you can see their flight feathers are coming in as well as tail feathers! What fun.

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