Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Woodworking at Co-Op

Yesterday we had co-op again and I was with Sweet Baby's group. It was pajama day so the kids got to wear their p.j.'s. Not only were the younger girls excited to wear their p.j.'s, but Sweet Baby was excited to go to woodworking. I enjoy watching her in this class so much, the reason is two fold.

1) She gets to be in her favorite class, not because she likes working with wood, but because her friend "Mr. Tom" is the teacher. Mr. Tom is a family friend, who is like an uncle to her. The last two vacations our family took included Mr. Tom's family, we see them every week at church and often in between, since they live about 4 miles from us. She loves Mr. Tom and he loves her.

2) It cracks me up how nervous she can be. For some reason she is my most nervous and neurotic child it is usually annoying, but lately I have been trying to take a step back and remind myself that she is only 5. Sometimes I forget that 5 is still a baby. She still has SO much to learn, all my kids do.

Here Sweet Baby is trying her hand at using the square to make a straight line on the wood. She looked so cute in her safety glasses. They would not stay up on her nose, so she had to hold them onto her face most of the time.

Here she is using the saw. Her paranoia in class today was that she would cut herself. But it was sweet because when she got home, she told daddy that she did just fine because "Mr. Tom kept my hand safe". After they cut a section of the wood, they practiced the hand sanding skills they learned a couple of weeks ago.

Here she is making "rhythm sticks". Great idea from the head teacher...something for them to bring home and bang all over to make noise.

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