Thursday, March 18, 2010

Math Woes, But Oh So Cute

We are using Abeka Math for both Sweet Baby (K) and Peanut (2nd) this year. It seems to be working just fine for both of the girls though the Kindergarten program seems to be picking up speed (moving to telling time on the half hour which seems a bit fast for Kindergarten, but if she can do it, we'll keep with it). Sweet Baby is having trouble with her math facts but that is fine, we try a new one everyday and just run with it. I remind her of some of the facts throughout the day and don't stress over it - after all, she is just in Kindergarten.

One math concept Sweet Baby is struggling with is the concept or "how many more". She can look at a tower or pile of cubes and tell you which one has more but when you say, "How many more are there here, than over here?", she has no idea what to do. Today, I had built a tower of 7 cubes and compared it to a tower of 2. I asked her, "How many more does this one have than that one?" Her response???? "A lot!"

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