Thursday, March 4, 2010

Some Days...and a Funny Discussion

Some days you want to file away in your memory bank and remember for a long time. I had one of those days last week. We had another day where it snowed most of the day. My husband had a few things to do after work so I decided I'd get a head start on shoveling the driveway. Peanut decided to come out and play so while I was out. She is our most imaginative child and is lately has been found digging around outside looking for "treasures" in the snow and....

....searching for some "firewood" to continue building this huge "fire" that you see...

I stopped to look at her face. Do you forget to do that sometimes? Really stop and study your child's face, watch their eyes, look at their dimples, see how their smile looks? It seems lately I'd stopped doing that. I've gotten into the daily habit of just pushing through school, then chores, refereeing arguments, etc. that I have not slowed down to just admire and appreciate my girls. Maybe it is because they are always together and the whirlwind of talking, bickering and movement makes it virtually impossible to focus on any one person. While Peanut was outside with me I was noticing some of these things. I was noticing how tall she is getting.

I was enjoying the joy on her face when she would find a 'piece of wood for her fire'.

I was really enjoying the way her eyes crinkle underneath when she smiles. Her smile has always taken up her whole face, since she was tiny, I love that. And her dimple! It is hard to see it in this photo, but she has the cutest dimple on her right cheek. I was really appreciating the two gaps on the top row of teeth were she lost two awhile ago and nothing has filled them in. It makes her look older too. I love my kids.

Now, as for the funny discussion...while she was digging in the snow I said, "Peanut, you look like an archaeologist digging over there." She said, "What is an archaeologist?" So I explained that it was a scientist who digs in the dirt to find clues to the past. I reminded her about our trip to Jamestown and the dig site we went to. As she continued digging she said, "I am like a dirty-ologist!"

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