Friday, March 26, 2010

Field Trip - Musical Petting Zoo

Musical Petting Zoo? You read it right. This week we were able to attend a great field trip with a couple families from our co-op. We went to the Flint Institute of Music and got to learn about various instruments and the kids even got to try them out. It was a small group of kids and Sissy was the oldest there, but she did not seem to mind. Each of the girls enjoyed handling the various instruments and even trying to play them.
Sweet Baby fell in love with the xylophone right away! Several times when I would look to see what she was up to, I found her standing at this exact spot with a huge grin on her face.

Peanut really enjoyed the brass instruments. She tried the flute, trumpet and saxophone. She enjoyed the trumpet so much that she asked, "Can I have a trumpet for my birthday?"

Not surprisingly to me, Sissy enjoyed the electric guitar. She must have sat in this chair for more than 20 minutes plucking at the strings. I believe she only got up because she wanted to let someone else try.

It was a morning that the girls really enjoyed and although my little band was formed and having a great time, the trip was over and it was time to head home for a full day of school.

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