Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Traditions

We took part in a new Christmas tradition at our house this week- this is our 2nd year making faux gingerbread houses. Sissy is in Girl Scouts and each year they have a mother/daughter gingerbread house decorating morning. The base of the house is an empty milk container and you decorate it with frosting and graham crackers. Last year I inquired if I could take a few empty boxes home to do a craft with the girls - we did and it was much fun. This year we decided to do it again.

We got the added bonus this year that grandma happened to be visiting with us, so even she was able to help. I enjoy watching the girls create memories and especially enjoy when they can do it with extended family members.

And of course, aside from being a fun activity that we could classify as "art class", it provides needed nutrition, right??
Here they are with their completed houses....

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