Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Christmas Play

Last year Sissy tried her hand at acting. She decided to try out for our church Christmas play and she really enjoyed it. She only had 3 lines last year and wished she had had more. This year when they asked how many lines she wanted to be responsible for, she said she wanted more than 3. So, imagine her excitement when they gave her 20 lines! (Yes, she counted!) This year our church put on "Bucky Brekenhiemer's Christmas Miracle". It was a hilarious production about a hillbilly family at Christmas. She did really well and had a fun time.
I loved that she played the "twin" sister Bucky who was played by one of the teens at our church. We have an AMAZING teen group with kids who truly demonstrate their love for Jesus. "Bucky" never made her feel like she was "just a kid" and treated her with respect and kindness. We are blessed to be part of a church where the teens serve as inspirations to the younger kids and even the adults.
Here "Queazy" is at the end of the performance standing in front of the hillbilly Christmas tree. See the decorations??? Toilet paper and stapled "strips of bacon"!

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