Friday, January 23, 2009

Learning About Penguins

We use God's Design as our science program for school and I really enjoy it. I think the kids enjoy it as well because we usually sit together on the couch while I read through the lesson for the day and I check out various books from the library that include lots of pictures for them to look at. They are also creating science notebooks where the kids include all the stuff I require them to write about or pictures I require them to draw. Currently we are doing Animal Kingdom which has taken us through mammals and we are now into birds. I required the girls to choose mammals and write information that they learned about their chosen animal. This time the girls were required to choose a bird they like and they are learning about those. This weekend we plan to put together lapbooks to keep all their information in. Peanut chose owls and Sissy chose penguins. Peanut's first choice wasn't owl's though. Her first choice was a Quetzal Bird. Haven't heard of them?? Well, you have never read the INCREDIBLE Jan Brett book, The Umbrella then! We have checked that book out so many times from the library. It is actually one I'd like to buy someday and add to our collection of books! The only problem with the Quetzal bird is that I had a terrible time finding child level books about them! So...her second choice was the owl.

Sissy said the most interesting thing she learned today about penguins was actually really gross. "Did you know mom, that the adult penguin actually goes and gets food for it's baby and then chews it and spits it up for the baby to eat?" No, honey I didn't know that...

(Yesterday I told you that pj's are typical for school around here, obviously we don't brush our hair before school either!)

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