Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas Festivities

I wanted to share a couple Christmas morning photos for family that live far away. Especially my Aunt Beryl and Uncle Paul who I know check this blog regularly and I can tell you that the last Christmas we spent together was when I was about 4. They live in California during the winter months and though we see them once every few years (we did get a day visit this fall) it isn't enough. I hope that some year we can spend the holidays together.

Here are photos of each of the girls enjoying their favorite gifts this year....Sissy has been wanting a new fleece blanket for the last several years. I made one for her when she was about 3 and it was big then, but it hasn't covered her entire body for about the last 3 years! So, this year both her and Peanut got new blankets that fit their beds. She is also wearing the new bathrobe she got, another gift that was tops on her list.

And Peanut's favorite gift..a Kit American Girl doll. She had saved a bit more than 1/2 of the money, so daddy and I kicked in the remainder. These dolls are adorable, and their clothes are so pretty, but I don't spend $22 on my own clothing so it nearly killed me to buy 1 dress for a doll at that price! If Kit looks a bit different to some of you, it is because we got her the wire rimmed glasses as well. When Peanut was trying to decide which doll she wanted she talked about getting Molly. The only reason she wanted her was because of the glasses. So, I thought she would like having glasses for Kit.

Sweet Baby asked for a Bitty Baby for Christmas. Another doll by American Girl. Again, it was a stretch to spend so much on a doll, but the girls didn't get nearly as much this year since they were getting larger ticket items. Brooke goes through phases when it comes to playing with dolls, so we'll see how she does with this one. She has dragged it all over and has asked me to feed it and watch it while she plays with other things though. The funniest story about this one is that she was changing its clothes the other day and she told daddy to "close your eyes daddy, she needs her privacy."

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