Monday, November 17, 2008

I Fibbed....

OK, OK, so I fibbed. I love these photos of Sweet Baby and Pooh, so I had to share!

When I began planning our meals I planned for us to eat breakfast with the Princesses because I knew that Peanut would love that and typically, Sweet Baby goes along with whatever her bigger sisters enjoy). After all our meals were planned, Sweet Baby announced that she wanted to eat with Pooh and Tigger (That's my girl! Mom has always loved Pooh!) At that point in time there were no more seats available at that particular dinner. However, she didn't get it. She continued to insist that she wanted to eat with them. Finally about a week or so before we left I just said, "We aren't eating with Pooh, I'm sorry. They don't have room for us."

However, on our first full night we weren't hungry till nearly 8 pm and attempted to get a table at the Crystal Palace (Pooh's restaurant of choice)...we could see Pooh milling about from outside (Sweet Baby had her face pressed against the windows staring at Pooh, I hope the people trying to eat their dinner on the other side didn't mind). Anyway, they were able to get us a table if we were willing to wait an hour. Since it was late in the day and we were just starting to get hungry, we didn't mind grabbing a bench and taking a load off. Imagine how excited Sweet Baby was when we told her that indeed, we were eating with Pooh after all!!

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