Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Henry Ford

We have spent the last two Saturdays enjoying ourselves at a couple museums in our state.  First, we spent an day at Henry Ford Museum.  We have had a family pass for Henry Ford and Greenfield Village for several years.  My husband and I love history so we never tire of the Village.  We attend the Village at least 4 times a year.  We had not taken the time to visit the Museum in a couple years so we decided to spend some time there recently.

One of my favorite artifacts is the actual chair that Lincoln was shot in.  It is so worn, yet there it sits, right in front of you.

I had never noticed this one...a cot belonging to General George Washington.  If you look, it actually folds out of the trunk that supplies the head support.

They have a section of the museum where they look at different decades of home life.  This was a livingroom from the 30's with an old radio playing Orson Wells, War of the World.  I love that the radio is right out in the open and the kids are free to get up close to it.  I also love how comfortable they were just sit down.   Radio shows are not something new for our kids, they LOVE listening to Adventures in Odyssey, which is put on by Focus on the Family.  They have oodles of the cd sets, listen to pod casts while doing dishes, etc.  So, it was not a foreign idea to them to sit and listen.

One of the exhibits we never miss is the Rosa Parks bus.  This is the actual bus that Rosa Parks rode in in 1955.  I love that not only can you climb aboard, but they have a spotlight that shines on the actual seat she refused to give it.  They also run audio of Rosa speaking about the event.

We enjoyed our day at the Henry Ford - the perfect way to spend a cold Saturday.

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