Saturday, January 12, 2013

More Holidays....

As I was looking through my pictures, in an attempt to finally end the "holiday" posts, I realized that I took alot of pictures of things that may not be exciting to the rest of the world, but that are memories for our family to cherish...traditions, time spent together, etc.  I also realize that there may not be alot to be said about the various pictures, so I'll make this post quick.

Every year we make small "gingerbread" houses out of graham crackers.  I have pictures of this tradition from probably the last 5 years.  The pictures always show the same thing, but the girls enjoy it.

We just use graham crackers, store bought frosting and candy to make small houses.  They work better if you can get a small milk carton (half and half would be a good size) to use as your base, and just build your house around that, but we did not have any, so we just used ALOT of frosting to hold them together.    I have a set of Pampered Chef Decorator Bottles, they work great for kids and you deal with very little mess.

Peanut made a tent, her family is camping.  :)  Sweet Baby used the most candy and then asked to eat it all just after it was done!

We attended a wedding for some friends of ours.  We were able to get Sissy to dress up.  She hates dresses, skirts, anything that is not jeans and a t-shirt.  She looked beautiful in her borrowed dress.  What was the point to buy a dress we knew she would never wear again?

And..more gingerbread house decorating.  Grandpa came by on Christmas Eve for a visit.  I had made the girls matching pajama pants so they put them on, including their Santa hats and enjoyed making a gingerbread train that Grandpa brought for them.

I can't tell you how much I absolutely LOVE this picture.   Grandpa does not always find it easy to be plugged into family activities.  Connecting with the girls has been a struggle at different times, he is really trying right now and it feels so good to see my husband's father have fun with them.

Before bed we watched my all time favorite Christmas movie, The Nativity Story.  Sissy and Daisy snuggled, as they do so often.  Yes, Daisy was supposed to be my anniversary gift  a year and a half ago, but her heart belongs to Sissy.

We had this tradition where I would read "The Night Before Christmas" to the girls on Christmas Eve, however, about 4 years ago, they asked if they could all sleep in one bedroom and Sissy would be the one to read the story.  Although I hated giving it up, I LOVE that they are making their own memories.  Here they are, all snuggled in Peanut and Sweet Baby's room.   If you look REAL close, you can see that Sweet Baby now has to wear head gear to bed at night.  She has been a real trooper about it.

We'll finish up with the holidays tomorrow. 

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