Sunday, January 13, 2013

Christmas Day

 Christmas morning...Here is the main tree in our house.  I consider this the kids tree.  Every year the kids get a new ornament.  This tradition started when I was a child.  My parents would buy us a new ornament every year and then the year we were married, our box of ornaments were given to us for our tree.  So, with three children, you can imagine between the ornament we get them, the one my parents get them and any that are made by the girls, we have LOTS of ornaments.  I let them decorate the main tree and then there is a tree in our living room that mom decorates.

I wanted to share just a couple of my favorite pictures from Christmas morning.

Sissy, very happy with a t-shirt she received.

Sissy has liked the Ugg boots for a couple years now but we have not yet gotten her a pair.  Kohls had this cute pair of knock offs on sale the day after Thanksgiving, and since her feet aren't growing nearly as quickly as they used to, this was the year.  She loves them and wears them with all of her "jeans and t-shirt" outfits - which is every outfit she has. 

Peanut has loved owls even before they became popular.  It used to be that you could not find owls on anything, now...they are on everything...including the fabric for the pillowcase I made her (you can see that in the left hand corner).  Sissy bought her this hat and gloves set an she LOVED it.

I really love pictures like this one, where you are able to capture the excitement.  Sweet Baby received several gifts that she really wanted, including this, which was from Sissy - a Lego Girl car.

A picture of the girls in front of the fireplace.  I love this one.  They are all in their matching pj's and I just know that pictures like this will be favorites for many years to come.  These girls  are such an amazing blessing.

Finally, my parents, brother, niece and my brother's girlfriend came to share the day with us.  Here is a picture of my parents (Nanny and Papa) and the girls.  Notice that Sweet Baby and Peanut have on Disney character t-shirts?  Nanny and Papa had just returned from a trip at Disney World, so the girls Christmas gifts were t-shirts from Disney.

It was a wonderful holiday.  I'm sad to see the casual weeks end.  Yes, we packed alot in, but we took a much needed break from school and just enjoyed being together.  How thankful we are!

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